Squadron Babes 2015 Calendar – Pre-Orders

The women of Battlecruiser Squadron 39, led by CPT Blanca of HMS Phantom, have decided to shed not only their blood (or plasma) in the service of the Queen and for the honor of the Navy, but also their clothes. Shielded by just their courage and flags of those armed forces in whose ranks they serve they faced the lens of a camera.

The results of their endeavours, in the form of an A3 format calendar, can now adorn the bulkhead of your living quarters for the whole next standard year!

The goal of this undertaking is to raise the moral of the crew (and the recruitment quotas), while raising funds for an organization taking care of veterans of the armed forces and EMTs of the state which is the home port of our Squadron – the Czech Republic. You can learn more about REGI Base – the organization which we have decided to support with the proceeds of sales of the calendars – on their website.

Thus we are proud to announce the commencement of PRE-ORDERS.

The system of pre-orders is simple:

1) send an email to  hmsphantomcrew@gmail.com, with the Subject: Calendar – pre-order. In the body of the email write the number of copies you are ordering.

2) Pay the corresponding amount via PayPal (details will be provided)

The price for the calendar is 25 USD. (incl. taxes and shipping). Should you wish so, you can send a higher amount, and contribute more to the charity mentioned above.

And if you are still undecided, here are few pictures which might just whet your apetite:

CPT Blanca, CO HMS PhantomLTCDR Lessis, šéflékařka GSN EquinoxLTSG Kyra Skress, chirurg GSN Equinox